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Partners for Sustainable Urban Regeneration

We support condominiums, companies, public administration, accommodation and cultural facilities in the path of energy and seismic efficiency to create beautiful, safe, inclusive and sustainable cities and communities.

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Our internal team manages all the necessary steps for recovery: from the bureaucratic and financial activities to the operational activities of design and construction, to the activities of diagnosis, testing and maintenance.


We are committed to reduce the environmental impact of buildings through the implementation of sustainable solutions and high technological content. We want to reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions to preserve the planet for future generations.


We promote the enhancement of buildings and communities with innovative solutions and sustainable practices that improve the functionality of buildings and the quality of people’s life.

Our mission

We redevelop degraded or unused buildings and urban areas, through interventions of recovery and reuse of public and private spaces with the aim of reducing operating costs, improving living comfort, reduce C02 emissions and bring them into line with the legal requirements set out in the 2030 and 2050 European’s agenda.

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61 people
Alberi che compensano della CO² emessa
3.981kg/m2 of CO2 saved per year
12internal divisions
51.642trees planted
Edilizia Sostenibile
Strutture Green
Up to 235apartments managed per condominium

A network of excellent partners

Through our partnerships we are able to offer you the best solutions to ensure the highest level of sustainability possible.

Sustainable Urban Regeneration

We transform cities to improve citizens' quality of life, to reduce waste of resources and to promote sustainable development. We focus on the redevelopment of degraded or unused buildings and urban areas, through the restoration and the reuse of public and private spaces.

The aim is to create a safer, healthier, more livable and inclusive urban environment that can promote the economic and social development of the community.

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