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Sustainable urban regeneration of apartment buildingsSustainable urban regeneration of apartment buildingsSustainable urban regeneration of apartment buildings

Sustainable urban regeneration of apartment buildings

Energy redevelopment and seismic improvement make your condo more comfortable and safe, improving its environmental footprint and asset value.

Reduction of thermal dispersions

Reduction of energy consumption

Reduction of costs in bills

What we do for you

We will be able to guide you in all the phases of energy redevelopment and seismic adjustment of your building to reduce heat loss, energy consumption and costs in the bill.

  • Energy Diagnosis
  • Energy Certification
  • Certification of Static Adequacy
  • Certification of fire prevention
  • Photogrammetric survey with drones and laser scanners
  • Energy efficiency of the central heating system and ACS
  • Revamping and automation of the lighting system
  • Advanced remote management and consumption monitoring
  • Planning and implementation of energy requalification and seismic adjustment
  • Design and construction of new renewable energy plants
  • Tax deduction, credit transfer and municipal incentives
  • Ten-year unsecured loans

The 5 most effective energy efficiency improvements

We can help you identify the most effective interventions to improve the energy efficiency of your home. The requalifcation can help you save money on energy costs in the long term. Our team of experts can help you evaluate your specific needs and suggest the best solutions to make your home more efficient, safe and beautiful.

Analysing our projects, we have seen that the most efficient improvement measures are the following:

  1. Parete ventilataVentilated façade
  2. Coibentazione termicaThermal insulation
  3. Sostituzione di serramentiReplacement of windows and doors
  4. Riqualificazione della centrale termicaUpgrading of the power station
  5. Adeguamento sismicoSeismic adjustment

What guarantees you will have

The integrated redevelopment of the building-plant system is certified with the protocol casaclima R contracted with EPC (Energy performance contract) and guaranteed by specific insurance policies.

Casaclima R protocol

Certification protocol developed specifically for the redevelopment of existing buildings. It guarantees your building efficiency, sustainability and build quality.

EPC contract

The EPC contract has as its object the energy improvement of a building or a plant in order to achieve a better energy performance and therefore a subsequent saving.

Contact us now for a free inspection

We will guide you in all the phases of energy redevelopment and seismic adjustment of your building.

Request for offer

Send us your request by calling us, writing us an e-mail or filling out the form below.

Preliminary analysis

We will make an inspection with photographic and thermographic analysis and identify the improvements.

Preparation of the offer

We will identify the work to be done and make an economic-financial analysis.

Resolution of the Shareholders' Meeting

Submit to the general meeting and confirm our offer.

Design and planning of the offer

Construction site opening, works testing and central plant management.


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