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MIR Solution

We redevelop degraded or unused buildings and urban areas, through interventions of recovery and reuse of public and private spaces with the aim of reducing operating costs, improving living comfort, reduce C02 emissions and bring them into line with the legal requirements set out in the 2030 and 2050 European’s agenda.

Name and Vision MIR SolutionName and Vision MIR SolutionName and Vision MIR Solution

Our history

MIR Solution was founded in 2020 form an initiative of professionals with background in the field of maintenance and renovation of buildings. United by the same corporate vision, MIR grows rapidly in a few years becoming in 2023 a structured team of about 60 people organized in 12 divisions composed of architects, engineers, surveyors, thermotechnicians, experts in energy management (EGE)energy advisors, financial, tax and legal advisors.


We focus on the redevelopment of degraded or unused buildings and urban areas, through the restoration and the reuse of public and private spaces.

We transform properties into Nearly zero-emission building (NZEB) by integrating professional skills, technological innovation and construction experience to reduce the environmental impact, with almost zero CO2 emissions.


We promote the enhancement of existing building and living comfort with environmental sustainability to reduce C02 emissions and make buildings comply with the legal obligations set out in the 2030 and 2050 European’s agenda. We transform them into buildings assets capable of meeting the energy needs of their own and adjacent buildings.

Our vision is to transform cities to reduce the environmental impact of buildings through the implementation of sustainable solutions and high technological content, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions while preserving the planet for future generations.

The aim is to create a safer, healthier, more livable and inclusive urban environment that can promote the economic and social development of the community.

We want to be the protagonists of sustainable urban regeneration and of "tree" buildings construction, with positive energy and negative CO2.

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