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CasaClima Certification

In Italy, CasaClima certification is an essential reference in the construction of energy-efficient and sustainable buildings.

CasaClima Certification

In Italy, CasaClima certification is an essential reference in the construction of energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. The certification process involves rigorous scrutiny, including project verification, documentation analysis, and on-site inspections conducted by a third-party public entity, the Agency for Energy South Tyrol - CasaClima, which is responsible for energy certification in the Bolzano province. Outside the Bolzano province, CasaClima certification is voluntary and does not replace the National Energy Performance Certificate (APE) that is valid nationwide.

The certification process, applied to approximately 15,000 certified buildings, stands out for the quality of its checks, both in the project phase and during construction, with a strong focus on construction details and their proper implementation.

A newly constructed building meeting CasaClima standards perfectly fits the definition of nearly zero-energy building (NZEB) since it satisfies minimal energy requirements through modern, efficient systems powered by renewable energy sources. To achieve these goals, correct and careful design, often supervised by a CasaClima Consultant, is crucial. Key aspects to consider include:

  • Providing excellent thermal insulation.
  • Addressing thermal bridges.
  • Ensuring excellent airtightness, verified through a specific air permeability test (Blower door test).
  • Utilizing free solar gains during the winter.
  • Implementing effective solar shading in the summer.
  • Employing efficient systems powered by renewable energy sources.

CasaClima Energy Classes

The energy certificate clearly and transparently communicates the energy and ecological performance of a building by indicating its energy class. CasaClima energy classes help identify a building's energy demand and range from CasaClima Gold (passive house) to CasaClima C (the lowest class for energy retrofit within the CasaClima standard).

The final CasaClima class is defined by the least efficient class between the energy efficiency of the building's envelope and the overall energy efficiency with or without cooling systems.

Certificazione CasaClima
CasaClima Energy Classes – Envelope Efficiency and Overall Energy Efficiency

The energy certificate provides information on the efficiency of the building envelope, expressing the energy demand of the building's shell and overall energy efficiency, which includes primary energy demand and equivalent CO2 emissions. It also addresses environmental sustainability based on compliance with the CasaClima Nature protocol.

Stages of CasaClima Certification:

Stages of CasaClima Certification:

1. Request and Document Submission

Documentation is submitted during the building permit application process in the Bolzano province. In the rest of Italy, certification occurs after obtaining the necessary permits.

2. Project Review

After documentation submission, CasaClima agency reviews the project documents, including energy calculations, construction detail assessments, and thermal bridge prevention.

3. Construction Inspection:

During construction, CasaClima auditors appointed by the Agency for Energy South Tyrol perform on-site inspections to verify that the materials are used correctly and according to the energy project

4. Final Inspection

In this phase, all documentation, including the air-tightness test (Blower door test), is reviewed. The energy certificate and CasaClima plaque are issued to the property owner only after meeting all certification requirements.

5. Certification Process

CasaClima Energy Certification is also applicable to the renovation and upgrading of existing buildings, ensuring optimal health, comfort, and energy savings through specific, well-executed technical solutions

Certificazione CasaClima
Iter di certificazione

Renovating with CasaClima

Existing buildings can achieve CasaClima certification by either reaching CasaClima Class C (only in the Bolzano province) or, in cases where it is impossible to achieve the minimum energy class outside the Bolzano province (CasaClima Class B) due to construction constraints or conservation, through the CasaClima R protocol. Regardless, a minimum reduction of 50% in energy demand compared to the initial state is required.

Certified CasaClima Sustainability

The CasaClima agency, since 2005, has promoted and advocated an ecological and sustainable approach to construction and living, fostering a new way of designing and integrating sustainability into construction projects. The focus is not just on energy efficiency but also on the overall impact on the environment, resources, human well-being, and the built environment.

CasaClima Nature certification evaluates building sustainability based on several indicators:

  • including overall energy efficiency
  • environmental impact of construction materials
  • efficient water resource usage
  • air quality
  • radon protection
  • natural light utilization
  • acoustic comfort

CasaClima Protocol

Based on the CasaClima Nature protocol, the agency has developed a comprehensive set of quality labels, addressing specific needs and requirements for various applications:

  • Clima Hotel: This protocol evaluates and certifies hotel facilities.
  • CasaClima Welcome: It focuses on less complex hospitality services such as guesthouses and bed & breakfasts.
  • CasaClima Wine: This protocol is designed for wineries.
  • CasaClima Work&Life: It is dedicated to office buildings.
  • CasaClima School: This protocol focuses on new school buildings or retrofits, considering both ecological and interior quality aspects.

The structure of these protocols is similar, involving a complete assessment of criteria starting from the design phase through to construction and management. 

The certification process involves three stages: Pre-certification, Certification, and Recertification.

Certificazione CasaClima

In the Pre-certification phase, requirements under the protocol are assessed concerning the project status. During the Certification phase, on-site inspections, measurements, and audits are conducted by external auditors appointed by the CasaClima agency. The Recertification process ensures the ongoing adherence to design and construction prerequisites and consistent facility management in line with sustainability principles.

Credit: Agency for Energy South Tyrol - CasaClima

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