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Personal advice

Anticipation and prevention of risks

Many years of experience and expertise

What is Vitanuova

Vitanuova Previdenza & Protezione is a leading insurance broker that offers advice through a network of over 750 Consultants throughout Italy.

Vitanuova and MIR Solution

The partnership with Vitanuova offers you several advantages:

  • We help you understand your protection, pension, savings and investment needs, supporting you in the difficult choice of insurance/financial products.

  • We offer the possibility of a better life, anticipating and preventing the risks to be faced, contributing to the realization of your dreams and building a safer society.

  • Our many years of experience and expertise are available to meet your needs and objectives.

  • Our Insurance Consultants listen carefully and use a profiling system to offer you only the solutions you really need.

  • We are independent consultants and not sellers, we are a dynamic company that grew rapidly in a few years, with a multibrand offer in constant evolution.

For more information: +39 0355780054
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