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Condominium Padova 5Condominium Padova 5Condominium Padova 5

Via Padova 5, Limbiate (MB)

Condominium via Padova 5

G ‣ A4Energy class
381Trees planted in a year
85%Estimated energy efficiency
Condominium Padova 5 Situation
Condominium Padova 5 Project status
Condominium Padova 5 Current state

Description of the state

The condominium under analysis, built in the 60s, is located in Via Padova, 5 in Limbiate (MB). The condominium, composed by 5 floors above ground, consists of 32 residential units. The heating and DHW system is characterized by wall-hung boilers powered by methane installed in the individual housing units.

The building envelope that encloses the thermal areas subject to intervention is composed by the floor of the real estate units on the first floor, the coverage of the housing units on the top floor and the perimeter walls characterized by an empty box masonry in double brick planks.

The windows found on site generally have, where they have not been the subject of recent replacement, a wooden frame with double glass. The openings have a regular cadence dictated by the architectural design of the building.

The component of the building envelope most dispersing is represented by the perimeter walls, followed by the windows, the roof, the walking surface of the first floor and the thermal bridges.

Redevelopment interventions

  • Photovoltaic
  • Storage batteries
  • Insulation of the last and first floor
  • New windows and doors
  • New boiler
  • Renovation of balconies
  • Thermal insulation with coat system

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