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Condominium Primus Condominium Primus Condominium Primus

Condominium Primus, Via Corso Roma 55, Cologno Monzese (MI)

Condominium Primus

D ‣ A3Energy class
817Trees planted in a year
57%Estimated energy efficiency
Condominio Primus Situation
Condominio Primus Project status
Condominio Primus Current state

In Via Corso Roma 55 in Cologno Monzese (MI), is present PRIMUS, an important building of the 70s that has been subjected to energy redevelopment of the building system - plant and seismic improvement. Condominiums has had benefit from Superbonus 110% with payment of the works by invoice discount. The intervention will allow to have a significant savings in bills.

The intervention improves the living and the architectural quality of the building. The intervention generates a valorization of the real estate due to the seismic improvement and energy redevelopment.

Description of the situation

The condominium consists of two buildings with the following characteristics:

  • presence of a basement floor used as offices, warehouses and laboratory;
  • nine floors used as residences;
  • thermal attic used as cellars.

The heating requirements and the production of DHW are met by a central system powered by natural gas. The emission system is radiator.

The building envelope consists of floors in the basement, from roofing slabs at the ninth floor bordering the attic and from a perimeter masonry with empty box covered with clinker composed of double perforated brick planks with an air chamber interposed.

In the envelope there are also different sizes and types of windows that are repeated regularly in the architectural design of the building.


After the analysis carried out by MIR Solution, its has been proposed a global redevelopment of the building-plant system. The costs of this operation are almost nil since the applicants access the tax deductions of 110% Superbonus.

Thermal insulation of the perimeter walls with ventilated facade system

The first step to improve the energy efficiency of a building is the insulation of the perimeter walls with a ventilated stoneware façade. This intervention offers several advantages:

  • greater energy savings;
  • sound insulation;
  • avoid thermal bridges and condensate;
  • protection against water infiltration;
  • protection of the supporting wall;
  • thermal insulation.

To insulate the external walls, has be used a 16 cm thick stone wool system in the ventilated façade and with polyurethane panels 12 cm thick in balconies.

To implement this action, condominiums can use the instrument of credit assignment. The main advantage of this operation carried out with MIR Solution is that the condominium can have a discount in invoice proposed by Stema Costruzioni Generali Srl, premium partner of ENI Gas&Luce.

Creation of a new roof covering

Among the planned interventions there was also the creation of a new roof covering with a "hot ventilated roof" system in sandwich panels.

Thermal insulation of the floor

The project involves thermal insulation of the floor slab towards the basement with Rockwool Ceilingrock Top panels of 14 cm thick double density. The panels used in the intervention are fireproof.

In addition, we have replaced the windows and doors with wooden-aluminum and triple glass windows and replacing the boxes and shutters.

Efficiency of the central heating system

New DHW pipes has been built on the facade with two photovoltaic systems integrated into the roof.

In order to maximize the on-site use of energy, batteries will be used to store the electricity produced by the photovoltaic systems installed.

Moreover, interventions will be installed in the individual car boxes for the charging devices of electric vehicles. Furthermore, a relamping intervention has been carried out, which involves the replacement of all old-generation lamps with new LED ones.

Upgrading of the balconies

In this intervention, the balconies has been rebuilt with the creation of the waterproofing layer and the replacement of metal balustrades with glass parapets. The requalification includes specific drips for the regular disposal of rainwater.

Removal of architectural barriers

It is planned to install lifting platforms at the entrances to the stairwells.


The building has gone from energy class D to energy class A3.

The condominiums not only enjoyed the energy efficiency resulting from the operations performed but were also able to take advantage of the support of Mir Solution of 110% Superbonus and the Credit Transfer. The economic expenditure on the part of the condominiums was therefore heavily cushioned. This type of operation although it may seem very expensive in reality proves to be very advantageous for condominiums that will be able to perform these works without large investments.

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